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Glossary of Acronyms/Talk

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That's very cool, adding the alphabet list. Is it a sort of built-in feature? —DaveDardinger

2007-11-29 21:25:11   I think acronyms could be linked to e.g. wikipedia if there is nothing ClimateAudit specific? —JeanS


2008-03-30 12:39:50   I've gathered some lacunae. I hesitate to edit so I'll enter them here. The ones with just a "?" I couldn't find even with Google. ACRIM ?
ECS2002 ?
NG ?
R2 ? coefficient of determination (1 - SSE/SST) - a validation statistic
HadCruTn ? Hadley Climate Research Unit Temperature Series n
NCAR ? National Center for Atmospheric Research
FILNET ?'a version of the USHCN time series adjusted ???
AMS ?automated measurement system
CMMI ?Capability Maturity Model ?? - a software standard
CFR ?climate field reconstruction
CPS ?climate-plus-scale
CE ?coefficient of efficiency - a validation statistic
CRN1-CRN5 ?estimate of "value" of a CRN weather station , 1 = good, 5 = worse
FUBAR ?F****d Up Beyond All Recognition
FAA ?Federal Aviation Administration
FCS ?Flight Control System (autopilot)
FDA ?Food & Drug Administration
GAAP ?Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
MMTS ?Maximum/Minimum Temperature System
NIST ?National Institute of Science & Technology (ex Bureau of Standards)
NRC ?National Research Council
SOM ?Supplementary Online Material
SM ?The proprietor of, - Steve McIntyre
TS ?Time Series
UR ?Union Reconstruction (UR)
USGS ?US Geological Survey


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