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Climate Audit

[WWW]Climate Audit (CA) is a blog maintained by Steve McIntyre (with occasional guest posts) for the purpose of auditing climate science, especially those studies used by the IPCC. Regarding the objectives of CA Steve has said:

Our Mandate

This Wiki aims to collect, organize, and explain the findings at CA as they pertain to climate science. From an aside by Steve McIntyre to comment 7 in [WWW]Creating a guide for Climate Audit Newbies dated Nov. 25, 2007

Main Topics

"The main topics here are the multiproxy studies of millennial climate, which is what I work on, with some discussion of climate models. I want to keep the focus fairly narrow as there are plenty of other places to talk about things and I think that sticking to a niche is a good idea."

Topics that are currently or have been in the past a major focus of Climate Audit:

Secondary Topics

Topics discussed at Climate Audit, but not as a primary focus:

Useful Information

Fun and Games

Climate Audit isn't all serious business. There is the occasional thread on subjects Steve just has fun with.

[WWW]AGU Day 1 Ok, this isn't isn't really just fun for Steve, but it's current and he is supposed to get together with people from CA for a little enjoyment.

So, you want to help build this wiki? Due to the virulent nature of the climate debate, vandalism of this wiki is a real concern. Accordingly, editing may be restricted in the future. Feel free to edit any page so long as neutrality is maintained in the tone of your writings. Any vandalism subsequent to this approval will result in an immediate and permanant username and IP ban. Thanks for any contributions!

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